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Pipettes are used on a daily basis in most labs, big or small. Being such an integral part in each lab, pipettes need special attention when it comes to their servicing. Each pipette needs to be carefully calibrated and regularly cleaned. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a company to perform this work. blue coat services provides calibration services to not only pipettes, but for temperature controls and scales as well. Check out our options below and see which level is right for you.

Calibration benefits include:

Accurate results through our calibration services. We offer three different calibration services depending on your needs

Identification of minor problems before they get worse. Our inspection services will help catch problems before they happen, so you don’t have to waste money on new equipment.

Laboratory downtime is kept to a minimum. Most laboratories or healthcare facilities can ill-afford downtime as they wait for laboratory equipment to be repaired. Properly maintained equipment will ensure that emergency, unexpected repairs aren’t needed.

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