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Cenmed relies on technology to stay ahead of the curve.

EDI (Electronic data interchange) is the electronic movement of data between organizations in a structured, computer-retrievable data format. It has the ability to reduce labor costs by importing and exporting data directly from/to customer and vendors. EDI also allows for the limitation of human keystroke errors. Data is generally not re-entered, allowing for expediting ordering and processing. All data is transmitted electronically, so the manual human transmission of mail through the post office is no longer necessary. Consequently, EDI solution results in a more rapid customer driven response, as well as an enhanced trading relationship. The savings lead to a cheaper and more efficient way to deal with customer requests and order fulfillment, leading to lower cost for goods across the board.

Punch-Out is the direct access of vendor delivered goods from supplier's ecommerce application. The buyer "punches out" of their company's system to directly access a supplier's website and gather products and/or information, including the ability to maintain a connection within their home system. The supplier's punch-out catalog allows the transmission of products gathered to be brought back to the home system by appropriate channels and links, thereby allowing customers the access to supplier's custom punch-out catalog.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a supply chain solution that provides trading partners access to inventory space, data, and stock performance. Because this term is so broadly defined, VMI is generally used for the purposes of:

  • mutually agreed upon objectives for the collection of customer's inventory levels
  • decrease back orders and production problems
  • maximize in-house storage capacity based on increased fill rates
  • control inventory shrinkage
  • lower customer's administrative burden

Our VMI can be custom tailored to your needs and requirements.

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