Cenmed has faithfully served the Tri-State Area for 30 years, and our commitment was never more evident than during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were at the heart of facilitating needs by supplying millions of products and supplies to New York City hospitals and agencies during a time when sourcing constraints posed serious threats to healthcare delivery in the region. Our reputation and growth in the industry allowed us to serve the vast majority of New York City hospitals and reinforce our commitment to community service.

Read more about how Cenmed served the Tri-State Area and how our partnership expanded the availability of COVID-19 testing in what was once the epicenter of the pandemic.

COVID-19 Commitment
Subject: Mission Essential Contractor

Cenmed Enterprises is aware of the uncertain and difficult times facing the nation. Deemed “mission essential,” we have taken the following precautions to ensure business will operate as normal:

  • Our Dispatch call center is fully operational and has transitioned to teleworking when possible in order to continue to support our customers.
  • The procedure for calling in for service remains unchanged – after the initial service request, technical users will still be contacted directly by technicians in order to schedule on-site service.
  • Cenmed Enterprises will continue to actively work with service providers to accomplish on-site service.
  • Service providers will comply with individual local and site-level laws and regulations.
  • Due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 outbreak, there may be instances in which travel restrictions or illness cause additional delays. In the event of delays, we will continue to provide service in the most expeditious manner possible (including working with alternative service providers/technicians, if available).
  • The health and safety of our customers and service providers remain of upmost importance throughout the remainder of our current service contracts. We will continue to emphasize the importance of local best practices as they relate to safety and health protocols.

If additional support is required to accomplish the government’s mission, Cenmed Enterprises is willing and able to assist.

Very Respectfully,

Rizwan Chaudhry, VP, Operations

Cenmed Enterprises, Inc.

(732) 447-1753 |

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