How a Medical Supply Company Like Cen-Med Saves Clients Money

The medical industry is a difficult and unforgiving business. For most small medical businesses, including clinics and doctor’s offices, it is a challenge just to remain afloat. These companies must find creative ways to streamline their budgets in order to flourish. Choosing the right medical supply company is an excellent way to reduce a budget without making sacrifices that will affect patients. Companies like Cen-Med Enterprises are able to save our business clients money due to the following five factors:

1. Distributed Business Model

The advantage that a distributed business model has over the traditional medical supply company model is that it optimizes versatility and maximizes profitability for both the supplier and the consumer. We achieve this by taking advantage of modern technology and sophisticated supply chains.

2. Low Overhead

The modern supply company has far less overhead than the traditional medical supplier does. The aforementioned distribution model is an important factor. Another is that modern supply companies like ours tend to be Internet-based and do not require the trappings of a brick-and-mortar enterprise.

3. Time

Due to this Web-based configuration, suppliers are able to provide their services faster and more efficiently. Supplies arrive promptly, and client businesses are not required to maintain overstock just to prepare for a delivery failure and other shortcomings.

4. Bulk Discounts

The modern medical supply company can provide its clients with wholesale discounts regardless of how much they purchase at any given time. The traditional supplier is limited by local demand. The modern supplier has nationwide or even international reach, which allows for consistent buying power.

5. Direct Shipping

Even in a distributed, Internet-based configuration, there are medical supplies and equipment that are cost prohibitive to stock. The versatile supplier can overcome this premium through direct shipping, which means that they facilitate a direct relationship between the manufacturer and the consumer.

Choosing a good medical supply company is one of the most important decisions that a medical business will make, regardless of how small they are or how long they have been established. Prices are an important, but are not the only factor. Avoid high-pressure sales and seek a reputable company like Cen-Med Enterprises that values its small clients just as much as its large ones.

Have You Heard about Cen-Med’s Calibration Services?

Once you purchase the correct lab equipment for your research or medical facility, you can just turn a blind eye and never worry about the equipment again, right? You could, but you won’t have reliable results or enjoy the full lifetime of the lab equipment you spent good money on. Think of it like a car: if you never change the oil or perform regular maintenance, the car will eventually break down, no matter how well it ran when you bought it. Because of this, it’s important to have regular maintenance and inspections performed. Cen-Med’s expert team of technicians can provide these services and help you see the benefits of regular maintenance and inspections. These benefits include

- Accurate results through our calibration services. We offer three different calibration services depending on your needs. These include our basic Level 1 plan withPM and accuracy verification for non-cGMP/cGLP; our Level 2, which includes calibration data readouts; and our most comprehensive plan, the Level 3.

- Identification of minor problems before they get worse. Our inspection services will help catch problems before they happen, so you don’t have to waste money on new equipment.

- Laboratory downtime is kept to a minimum. Most laboratories or healthcare facilities can ill-afford downtime as they wait for laboratory equipment to be repaired. Properly maintained equipment will ensure that emergency, unexpected repairs aren’t needed.