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Having worked with Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) for over 30 years, Cenmed supports some of the largest hospital systems in the country. By leveraging Cenmed’s consolidated product solutions, your hospital can save money, while ensuring a streamlined approach to reliability. Our expertise in logistics distribution ensures that IDNs have timely access to essential laboratory products, minimizing delays and improving operational efficiency.

As a GSA and Defense ECAT contractor, we meet the needs of military and government research and clinical labs.

From Storage solutions to safety supplies to lab equipment, our broad inventory meets the unique needs of pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Protecting your staff is our number one goal. We offer an extensive collection of lab safety supplies as well as medical specimen bags, collection tubes, and diagnostic test kits.

Cenmed helps healthcare providers and researchers overcome the unique challenges of their field and ease their workload by combining innovation and technological advancements to exceed the expectations of our customers. Cenmed is dedicated to easing your workload and helping achieve your goal by providing top-notch clinical and laboratory supplies.

Providing Value to Your Organization

Cenmed: Your trusted partner for all clinical and laboratory supplies. Simplify your supply management, improve patient care, and boost efficiency with Cenmed. Our extensive catalog (over one million items!) and just-in-time delivery system empower healthcare providers in acute care, hospitals, and IDNs to focus on what matters most: their patients.

Reliable Product Delivery

We understand that our clinical supplies are essential to your mission. Our vast catalog offers everything you need, delivered on time and in good condition by our trusted distribution partners. From product availability to delivery and follow-up, we put you first. At Cenmed, you'll find cost-effective supplies, superior customer service, and a partner who cares about your success.


Our company boasts exceptional logistical capabilities, seamlessly orchestrating complex supply chains to deliver products with precision, speed, and reliability to our valued customers.

Cenmed has the capability to partner with 3rd logistic companies globally. Providing a streamlined distribution solution, Cenmed understands each vendor has its unique set of compliances, shipping and routing instructions that must be adhered to.

The pack out specifications, label requirements, and order preparations are fulfilled with precision and accuracy.

Cenmed can leverage warehouse space in Nashville, Las Vegas, and our headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ.


Learn more about Cenmed’s Equipment Maintenance Management Solution (EMMS) division which focuses on Vendor Managed Inventory, Asset Management, and Tail Spend Management.