Cen-Med Aims for Personalized Customer Service

With a proximity to New York City, a supply demand at the University and two major regional hospitals, Cen-Med Enterprises finds its home in New Brunswick.

Cen-Med, a health care supplies company, chose New Brunswick as its base because it prides itself on being able to establish close relationships with its metropolitan area customers, said John Inzero, the company’s director of marketing.

“You know how you see on the news sometimes how doctors still make house calls? Well, we’re like that. We do that,” he said. “Every client has our cellphone numbers as well as business, and we’re able to provide really good service anytime. Even in a moment’s notice, if need be.”

Inzero said he believes it is Cen-Med’s direct loyalty and dedication to the customer that will set up the company as an illustration of the kinds of businesses needed to turn the economy around.

By placing emphasis on altering formal business rules and tactfully building on a diverse, skilled staff, Cen-Med strives to provide personalized attention to its customers as opposed to larger businesses, said Rizwan Chaudhry, vice president of sales and marketing at Cen-Med.

“[In bureaucratic businesses] everything is just calling centers,” said Chaudhry, a University alumnus.

Cen-Med’s marketing strategy is a two-tiered system of internal and external outreach, Inzero said.

Internal entails constant phone calls with corporate accounts nationwide and checking on supply and demand, he said. External outreach means they will occasionally visit clients in a routine cycle, so clients are never left in the dark.

“[Big supply companies] are dinosaurs and we’re mammals, servicing other mammals,” Inzero said.

Other than fostering close customer service relations, the company plans to further give back to its Metropolitan area customers through developing an internship program, open to University students, he said.

The program would be designed so students would not have to work in a tedious field for too long, but instead would move from the internal operations of the company to the external, from generalized to specialized, Inzero said.

Since Cen-Med is small, he said the skills an intern would pick up are unquantifiable.

The company began as a project in Rizwan Chaudhry’s mother Shakila Chaudhry’s basement in Brooklyn, N.Y., Inerzo said. As one of Inc. Magazine’s top-50 retail companies, Cen-Med services 2,000 manufacturers from a New Brunswick warehouse with only 24 employees.

“It is not just 24 employees, though,” he said. “Those 24 employees represent significant growth. We’ve added 12 employees to our company over the past three or so years, doubling our staff.”

With the support of her husband, Shakila Chaudhry’s project grew into an establishment with the same level of drive to provide for its customers, Rizwan Chaudhry said.

“My mother was the first girl in her village, actually, to be educated,” Rizwan Chaudhry said. “It was frowned upon in Pakistan, so from the beginning she had the drive to excel.”

Some local residents were supportive of Cen-Med’s mission of tight-knit, close customer service toward economic recovery.

“It seems logical to me,” said Lynne Sulton, East Brunswick resident and Amber Lion Antique’s employee. “Obviously customer service has to be the most important thing to companies like that or they’ll lose their customer loyalty.”

Cen-Med Announces Instrument Laboratory Repair & Calibration Services

2012-07-18 00:41:03 (GMT) (WiredPRNews.com – Medical News, Press Releases)

07/16/2012 (press release: rizwan) // New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA // John Inzero Cen-Med Enterprises, located at 121 Jersey Avenue in New Brunswick, is inaugurating a new laboratory repair division dedicated to the service and repair of analytical instruments and storage equipment in labs.

It has been estimated that fixed costs approach 50% of a clinical lab’s budget. In many laboratories, a major component of these fixed costs is the need for constant upgrades. “You don’t always the latest toy. Sure, the manufacturers will try their best to tell you otherwise, but with the right maintenance, you’re probably okay with the equipment you have., ” says Rizwan Chaudhry, Vice President of Cenmed Enterprises. “While purchasing new equipment is subject to long term fixed contracts, labs are also facing tremendous pressures to reduce expenditures, due to falling reimbursements.” It is expected that these pressures will only increase in intensity as the Affordable Care Act becomes more fully operational.

Responding to the financial needs on the part of the labs has always been a key precept of Cen-Med’s business strategy. A long time valued supplier for many hospitals, and laboratories in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, Cenmed provides labs with quality supplies at value pricing. “With the expansion of Cen-Med’s clinical sales, support staff, and product offering, it was the next logical step to provide some of the very same customer service oriented offering, to our lab customers. With our equipment and instrument repair service business, we will offer on-site repairs and in-house repairs, for everything from refrigeration equipment and other laboratory repair to pipette calibrations,” continues Rizwan, “we literally want to be your one stop shop.”

Cen-Med provides laboratory repair services, calibration services, preventative maintenance on a per hour basis, with no commitment contract for minimum hours required. This has the key outcome of turning a fixed cost expenditure into a variable cost, resulting in significant savings. Cen-Med has highly trained technicians who are ready to take action to meet the needs and requests of lab directors. The plans are for the new division to market its laboratory repair services in the Northeast and gradually become nationwide.

About Cen-Med Enterprises, Inc.

Cen-Med Enterprises is a woman-owned, minority business that has grown from a small two person operation to one of the fastest growing medical and lab products suppliers to hospitals and research facilities. Still privately held, Cen-Med prides itself on its diverse work force. It has been named one the fastest growing companies in the medical field for 2010 by INC. Magazine. For more information about our laboratory calibration and laboratory repair services, please visit http://www.cenmedonline.com

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Cen-Med Enterprises Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Cen-Med is celebrating 20 years in the healthcare distribution and services business this year, at their national headquarters located in New Brunswick, NJ.

New Brunswick, NJ, October 22, 2012 –(PR.com)– Cen-Med is celebrating 20 years of business this year at their national headquarters located in New Brunswick, NJ. “Twenty years ago, my parents had a dream of starting their own business,” says Rizwan Chaudhry, Vice President of Sales. “And with a little money she had managed to save my mother Shakila Chaudhry took the plunge, while my father continued practicing as a veterinarian.” Several months later the business grew enough so that my father, Khalid Chaudhry, joined too. In the twenty years since, much has changed, but the core values of the business have remained the same.

Established in 1992, Cen-Med was started when some friends, who happened to be laboratory owners, spoke to them about the need for more committed customer service from their vendors. While there were plenty of vendors to choose from in New York, none of them had that old world customer service philosophy they were looking for. As immigrants from Pakistan, the Chaudhrys understood that philosophy to do whatever it took to support the customer. “We would often lose money to make a client happy,” recalls Khalid Chaudhry, now Director of International Business. “My wife and I took orders, placed purchase orders, paid vendors, collected money from our customers, and did deliveries, sometimes in the evening or on the weekends. Those early years were a struggle.” And that struggle continues to this day. Cen-Med specializes as a just in time distributor, and provides a very customer oriented delivery schedule. “We were running a JIT program before it became a strategy taught in business schools,” says Umer Chaudhry, Director of Strategic Markets, who, along with Rizwan, comprise the two sons who are now a part of the business. Rizwan Chaudhry adds, “Cen-Med has a commitment to provide a continuous supply of goods to healthcare sites throughout the New York tri-state area, while helping struggling hospitals lower the costs of their supply chain and logistics. By us keeping the necessary quantity of goods readily available to them, hospitals can focus on the healthcare side of their business, instead of worrying about inventory levels.”

Although Cen-Med has expanded its market from the laboratory to hospitals, and now medical device and pharmaceutical clients, it remains focused on customer service in a way the multi-billion dollar healthcare distributors cannot. All calls routed to the New Brunswick office are answered by a staff member on site and not an automated or off-shore call center. “Our customers are here, our primary warehousing facility remains here, and our customer service and sales people are here. Cen-Med has grown over the years, but our level of commitment to our customers remains as high as it was 20 years ago.”
About Cen-Med Enterprises, Inc.
Cen-Med Enterprises has been in the healthcare distribution and services business since 1992. Cen-Med delivers goods and services in almost every part of the globe, and has been named one the fastest growing privately held companies in the healthcare industry, several years by INC. Magazine. For more information, please visit http://www.Cenmed.com.

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