A Day in the Life of a Lab Professional

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, the last full week in April, is an annual celebration of medical laboratory professionals and pathologists who play an important role in patient advocacy and health care.

What Exactly is Stem Cell Research?

Stem Cells

What Exactly Is Stem Cell Research? There are cells in our body that have incredible power. They construct our bodies before we are born and repair tissues to keep is alive. For example, stem cells in the skin aid in wound healing, while stem cells deep within the bone marrow replace our blood and immune […]

How To Improve Your Laboratory Efficiency

How To Improve Your Laboratory Efficiency In every laboratory, efficiency is critical. It enables you to satisfy workflow quotas while achieving best economic returns. The purpose of an efficient workplace is to save as much time, energy, and money as possible while maintaining job quality. To accomplish so, it is critical to implement effective processes, […]

Top 10 Women Pioneers in Medical Technology

Women have been pioneers in the field of medical technology for centuries – from inventing groundbreaking treatments and technologies to leading advances across health sciences. But, many of their contributions are often overlooked or forgotten. In honor of Women’s History Month this month, Cenmed would like to set the record straight by highlighting ten women […]

Tech Takeover: The Top 7 Ways Technology is Changing the Service Industry

The world of equipment maintenance and management service is constantly evolving, and technology has played a major role in its modernization. Gone are the days when service providers were limited by a lack of tools and resources. Now, with the help of cutting-edge technologies, businesses can streamline their processes, improve communication, and increase efficiency in […]

Our Maintenance Solutions Mean Your Peace of Mind

Cenmed’s Service division understands the importance of keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently. By offering comprehensive equipment solutions and management, we alleviate the burden of coordinating with numerous vendors to keep your operations equipment running. Our solutions provide the peace of mind that your equipment is being properly maintained, allowing you to focus on […]

Healthcare Inventory Reserve – Why a Strategic Stockpile is Mission Critical?

Some may have declared the pandemic over, but healthcare entities acutely remember the historic healthcare supply challenges they faced over the past two years. Many are no doubt still feeling the effects of pandemic-related shortages that impacted everything from patient care to cleaning efforts to meal delivery. While federal and state officials consider improvements to preparedness […]