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  • I want to set up an account with Cenmed. How can I do that?

    To establish a valid Cenmed account, select the "New User" link. Follow the multi-step account creation schema and choose the type of account you would like to create. Registration takes only a few minutes, and you will need to supply your billing, payment, and shipping information, as well as create your unique user name and password. Once your account number is validated, your order will be processed. On subsequent visits, you can log on with your user name and password for immediate access. Depending upon the type of account you would like to create, i.e. physician, or laboratory, additional information may be requested in the form of fax or hardcopy. State and Federal regulations prohibit the sale of some items-chemicals, certain glassware, balances, syringes and needles-from being sold without proper documentation. If you have questions, call a Cenmed Customer Service Representative at 1-800-470-3570 for assistance. Once Cenmed validates your account, your purchase requests will be released.

  • I don't have a Cenmed account number. Can I still place an order on your web site?

    Yes. Even if you don't have an account with Cenmed, you may still place an order with Cenmed by paying via credit card. When you log on to the Cenmed Web Site as a Guest, you may browse the catalog and build a shopping cart. However, before the Cenmed ordering system accepts your order, you will be asked to create an account or to proceed with check out. Here you must specify shipping and payment information. Once this form is submitted, your order is released to a Cenmed Customer Service Representative who will process your request on the same day.

  • I buy with a purchase order. Does Cenmed accept purchase orders?

    Hospitals, Laboratories, Physician's offices can now buy with their own purchase orders. Cenmed extends a line of credit to these facilities depending upon credit check performed by Cenmed. Once the credit has been verified and approved, items will be released to ship.

  • I'm outside of the United States. Can I still order through the Cenmed Web Site?

    No. Ordering through the Cenmed Web Site is limited to U.S. customers; however, international visitors are welcome to browse the catalog and place an order over the phone. A Cenmed customer sales rep can be contacted at 800-470-3570 to further assist you.


Payment Information

  • What payment methods are available through the Cenmed Web Site?

    Our system supports payment by credit card and purchase orders. Registered users may arrange for payment by MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards or submit a P.O. number for invoicing. Guests who order online must pay by credit card or mail their request and payment by check referencing the order number.

Billing Information

  • Is the price displayed on my screen a contract or a list price?

    List prices are displayed unless the user is logged in. For registered users with contract pricing, the contract price is displayed right on the screen. At times when the Cenmed ordering system is off-line, list price only will appear on the screen-your contract price still applies. For all others, the price displayed is the current list price.

  • Is the total price calculated on the screen the same as what will appear on my invoice?

    The total price column adds estimated tax, freight, and handling charges, as well as contract price (if available). The actual total price to be reconciled may vary. For exact amounts, call your Cenmed Customer Service Representative at 1-800-470-3570 .


  • How do I return a product?

    Before returning any item, call 1-800-470-3570 to obtain a Return Authorization Number and be sure to write this number on all shipping labels and correspondence about this shipment. Do not write on cartons. Returns made without a Return Authorization Number will be returned collect to the sender. Ship to your customer-assigned warehouse or the manufacturer for direct-ship products, being careful to address the shipment to the street address. Shippers will not deliver to Post Office Box numbers.

  • Is there a time limit on returns?

    Returns must be made within 30 days of issuance of the Return Authorization Number. We require that you pre-pay shipping costs; CODs will not be accepted. Credit cannot be provided without a Return Authorization Number.

  • Can I return hazardous materials?

    Return shipments of hazardous materials must be packed, marked, labeled, and shipped in accordance with DOT regulations governing transportation of hazardous materials and any other applicable requirements.

  • Which products are returnable?

    Cenmed will provide full credit for the following: products not supplied in accordance with your orders; products that are defective at the time you receive them. Returns not acceptable for credit include: discontinued products; products that have been personalized or customized; items supplied to the customer as an accommodation, including without limitation, third-party purchases; items not purchased from Cenmed; refrigerated or temperature-controlled products; products that are outdated, shelf-worn, or used and therefore unsuitable for return to stock and resale as new; reagents, diagnostics, or chemicals that have been opened; broken thermometers or any materials containing free mercury. (Note: Cenmed cannot arrange for the treatment or disposal of mercury.)

  • Does Cenmed have a Freight Claim Policy in force?

    Yes. We take great care in packing your order; however, occasional damage or shortages are unavoidable. As soon as you receive a Cenmed shipment, carefully unpack and inspect it. If you find damages or shortages: do not accept the shipment until the carrier's driver makes a damage notation on your delivery receipt or freight bill; immediately request that the carrier's inspector make an inspection. If the inspector does not comply with your request, prepare an affidavit that you notified the carrier's inspector on a certain date and the inspector failed to make the inspection; keep all containers and packing material for the inspection. If you later discover concealed damage, you must request an inspection within 15 days of delivery.

Getting in touch with Cenmed

  • Is there a phone number I can call for help?

    For sales and product information, between the hours of 9 AM - 5 PM EST, Monday - Friday, please call 1-800-470-3570 .

  • Can I email my questions?

    Yes! For product information and sales-related questions, send your message to customer service . For technical questions regarding the use of this site, send your message to customer service.